Please take a few minutes to read about the amazing Harry Nixon and why he needs our help


I said I would never run another half marathon, but then along came Harry…

On December 22nd 2011, way after her due date and after trying EVERY possible way of hurrying him along, my best friend Livvi gave birth to Harry Robert Nixon. And he was beautiful.
He was also unexpectedly diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome but, as we all learnt very quickly, the only real negatives to this were that he would have some medical issues to face while he was still a baby. I know I am not the only one that fell in love with Harry immediately. His fan club ranges far and wide, not least because of THAT smile.

At four months old, when Harry was strong enough, he faced one of the major operations that Livvi and Ian had known he would - major heart surgery. It was when he breezed through this and was home and smiling after just 5 days that we realised just what a hero we had on our hands. Over the coming months Harry, and Team Nixon, thrived and it was wonderful.

Then September came and it was decided that Harry was now ready to face the next, and hopefully last of his surgery.

Liv & Hazza

This time it was a routine operation to repair a part of his bowel which didn't work properly, and although any surgery for a baby will obviously cause some worry, Team Nixon faced it like they do everything, with love and positivity. At first it seemed that once again, super Hazza had breezed through… but after those first few hours of happiness that this brave little boy was finally done with surgery, it became obvious that something was very wrong. Harry was in increasing pain and his abdomen started to rapidly swell.

He was rushed back into the operating theatre where the surgeons had to flush out nearly a litre of faecal fluid that had leaked into his abdomen. He suffered severe septic shock as a result, and sadly during the emergency surgery the doctors had been unable to ventilate him due to the sheer size of his abdomen which meant the flow of oxygen to his brain was reduced for over half an hour.
Over the next terrifying 24 hours Harry fought for his life.
The days and weeks after this were critical and Livvi and Ian had to be, and were, so so strong for their baby boy, never leaving his side.

Eventually they were rewarded as they realised that Harry, being the hero that he is, was going to pull through. A long 6 weeks later they were able to take Harry home.

Ian & Harry

Harry is home, but it is now that his fight really begins. An MRI scan sadly showed Harry had suffered some irreversible damage to his brain during the time in emergency theatre.

This once happy little boy hasn't smiled properly for his mummy and daddy since before his bowel surgery and he has lost all of his mobility, so one of the things that his amazing mum and dad are doing for him is taking him for neuro physio sessions. These are at a cost of £160 per week and are not funded by the NHS.

This is just the first of what our Harry may need… so I am going back on my ‘never doing another half marathon’ declaration and running the Wilmslow Half Marathon on March 24th, because I really want to do something to help this family that we have all been in awe of and inspired by. I know that you will all want to help too and so I am asking that you please click on the donate link at the top of this page and dig as deep as you can so that we can all help Harry to reach his full potential.

Thank you,


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